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Exotic Machine Platform

More commonly referred to as "Exos", the Exotic Machine Platform is an old pet project of humanities.    While they are purely robotic, they are not wild enough to be considered amongst the number of Tech-Horrors that wander the solar system and beyond. However, they should be still be considered highly dangerous. They do not stand for trespassers in their tribal lands, and they regularly attack human settlements to steal mechanical and repair supplies.    While they will tolerate M's, and as such said unites have to be used during any sort of negotiation, they seem to harbor a sort of instinctual hatred of Organic human. If one should present themselves before the Exos, they will be faced with any sort of hostile action the Exos can manage. Shot, stabbed, crushed between mechanical hands, torn apart, suffocated, etc.     The vast majority of the Exos are humanoid, described as 'angular grey-metal skeletons wrapped in rough hewn cloaks and wrappings'. Their red eyes, always glowing, is a sight that haunts the nightmares of many of the colonists of Ares. Every inch of their skeletal form is laden with engravings that mean nothing to outside observers, but must be of some colossal improtants to the group, as every one of their number seen bears the marks.    They aren't just the skeletal platforms either, many tribes have Old World warmachines within the tribe, fixed up or even made by the tribes in the red sands. They seem to be given a place of honor amongst the tribe, like time worn relics.

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