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The most dangerous things in the wilds, both terrestrial, solar, and extrasolar.   Tech-Horrors are a broad threat. Remnants of Old World technology that still walk the earth, both damaged and not. They are almost all hostile to anything but themselves and pursue their wrath with single-minded conviction.   They are not even beholden to a single form, or 'type', tracing their origins to any number of failed or abandoned projects. Some are masses of rogue nanites, consuming anything they see. Other's are genetic monsters, spliced together so many times their gene-father's aren't discernable. Some are programs that achieved sentience and crafted themselves a body. Patrols have even encountered what they could only describe as "ghosts" in the field.   Each has their own quirks, their own looks, their own habits.   All are dangerous, whether they themselves know it or not.
There is a wide range of "classes" for Tech-Horrors, to help forces in the wilds identify what their facing and how they should deal with it.   They differ, depending on where you are, but are often things like "Hive" and "Mutant". They also range into the more esoteric with things like "Gibbering" and "Phantasmal".

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