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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a brave hero, who hides a secret past.
A total of 381 entries

Sereya Waltz AKA Barbarosa Sparklebeard

Auilen Arde Nontte, the greatest Monsterslayer

Niarchos the Chain Breaker

A famous Sensitive arrested in Belgium

Aless "get me two ales then!" Maltiv

Cadfiell Dunheuvelin: Rebel Son, Peacekeeper or Traitor?

Makread, Blade of the OwkHaam

Lord Commander Thom Lapín

Eric Westgate/Westfield, Earth

Pavel Pavlovich Romanov: Paul Paulson Romanov.

Hugo Tanning, the man who fell

Lord Remus Aedinescu, Champion of the Ardelic Order

The Queen of Winds, Ece Esen

Erin Attenara, Champion of the Naive

Huntsman Lord Yurieth of Adamos - Prompt #25 a brave hero who hides a secret past

Hyacinth Bluebottle

Saraia Arabaxi the White Shadow

Smell of Sambucus "Sam"

Nephthys: The Necromancers Guardian

Dagmar Dellingsdottir, alias Ioreith, formerly Inger Inarasdottir

Lavensia Noori: In Pure Victory She Fights By Thomas Stanza

Ekil Tliwikai: The Forlorn Prince

Ralthor, the rebellious favored soul

Gweza Boonegunun of Harkenview

Fiona Annabelle Symons {AKA Gilly Ghel}

The Maiden of Flame and her Shadows

Napoléon François Joseph Charles Bonaparte