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Faraine Writingham

Faraine Writingham is an artificer who is part of the The Jade Guard Engineers and is attributed to the development and creation of time travel within Arrasgoth. It is unclear how far into the future she has come from, but she has claimed her grandfather is Cassius Writingham, a 16 year old artificer of the Jade Guard Engineers who currently resides in Purgatory.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Faraine has a complicated history due to her consistently travelling back and forth in time. She does not seem to spend longer than half an hour in any place she has been encountered in the recent timeline, but she knows a lot about what should and shouldn't happen. She has specifically intervened with The Beacons of Hope to prevent them from being trapped in a magical prison and has stepped in to remove one of the party from a battle altogether.   From what is known about her, she developed a technomantic device alongside another future artificer that could allow her to travel through time. The reason behind this other than to prove that she could is unclear, but she seems to have been keeping an eye on how the flow of time has been developing and itervening when necessary.    She has said little about the future but it has been noted that she often returns to this timeline bloodied, bruised and beaten. When asked what she is doing, where she has come from, what is happening, she often avoids the question for fear of repurcussions but the pain in her face when asked is enough to show something has broken inside of her to do with where she has come from.


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