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Arrasgoth is a continent of plenty, a rich land with a variety of different climates and biomes. It is one of six major continents. The other continents are Evastalor, Fervorsterra, The Depths, Gloom's March and The Stormlands. Whilst relations with Evastalor are good, the other continents have mostly kept to themselves.   The continent of Arrasgoth is currently ungoverned by any ruling faction, though there is a council of leaders from each of the main settlements. Currently each settlement governs itself in any way it chooses, whether that's by being elected or forced leadership, or by having a lord in place. Some places are more tribal or run as a committee.  

Arrasgoth Map - The Union Of The Kingdoms

Arrasgoth - 3000 Years Ago cover


Arrasgoth has a rich geographical layout, with a variety of different types of terrain such as swamps, deserts and lakes. There is a little bit of every kind of terrain on the continent, though the majority of the land is either forest or grassland. There are large mountain ranges scattered across the continent, with the largest range being the Hollowed Cliffs which border it from the large sheer drop that separates this continent from its neighbouring continent, Evastalor.   The continent is surrounded by a large sea on all sides, with some of the island regions sitting happily within the water. There are a few changes in the geography due to war and other unexplained phenomena, such as Scarmont Key completely disappearing, not being found on any maps, and only a handful of people remembering it existed at all.


The ecosystem of Arrasgoth is a varied one, with each region having a slightly different environment than the other. Most of the regions can easily sustain life, whether that's with animals or with people. The Tudra Region is the only region of Arrasgoth that cannot sustain life except for a very select handful of creatures, particularly dragons. Other than that, the continent is easily able to thrive and grow with the phenomena that happens inside of it.

Ecosystem Cycles

Arrasgoth changes with the seasons as much as any other continent does, but the different regions are affected in different ways depending on their biological makeup. The continent has all the different weather patterns as expected for the four main seasons and deals with it accordingly, whether that's by intervention of people, or by hibernation of animals. There is no real issue with the ecosystem cycle in Arrasgoth.

Localized Phenomena

Arrasgoth has a wide and varied terrain so there are pockets of localised phenomena that happen all over the continent. Most are due to the influence of something magical having affected the ecosystem, such as the influence of fey magic in Shimmering Grotto. Other than that, there is nothing major that happens on Arrasgoth that cannot be explained by magic and unluckiness.

Fauna & Flora

There is a wide variety of flora and fauna that live in Arrasgoth, different depending on the region that they are found in. It is difficult to list every animal and plant that lives or thrives in Arrasgoth but there is nothing specific to Arrasgoth that cannot be grown elsewhere, depending on the environment it is attempting to be grown in.

Natural Resources

Arrasgoth has a large variety of natural resources. There are plenty of forests that give wood to the surround settlements such as Casia Forest and The Enchanted Forest. There are large lakes across the terrain, such as Cloudcrest Lake.


Arrasgoth has a small history, only having been developed as a continent in the last two thousand years. The world was deemed to have been created by the Arrasgoth Pantheon and was played with by the gods until the world was fully designed. After this, the continent was relatively peaceful for the inhabitants until The War of the Skies which took place over 1000 years ago.   There was an almighty battle between The Ancient Dragons and The Followers of the Veil, causing geographical damage across the whole of the continent and taking the two factions out of time and existence altogether.   During the following 1000 years, the continent developed and adapted. Settlements began to pop up, more people started to create places to inhabit rather than in a tribal fashion that they had been before. Magic was becoming more developed, roads were created and industry started to boom, forgetting about the war that had took place centuries before many of the current population were born.   In recent years, things have started to go into another war, with Rudyard declaring a civil war on the entire continent, forcing two factions to appear, the Kingdom of Carowen and the Kingdom of Cosmopolita. This also let in The Darkness who began to corrupt and destroy parts of the continent, only battle back by The Beacons of Hope. It is unclear what the outcome of this will be at this time.


Arrasgoth is a great place for tourism due to its wide and varied ecosystem and population. There is something for everyone in Arragsoth, whether it is exploring long, sandy beaches, playing around with magic or just fighting large creatures in a forest. Though tourism is not the top priority of the continent, many of the settlements need it to keep their place afloat financially.

Blazons in Arrasgoth


Achad Region

Blazons in the Achad region during the Union of the Kingdoms.

Breole Region

Blazons in the Breole region during the Union of the Kingdoms.

Dastary Region

Blazons in the Dastary region during the Union of the Kingdoms.

Eskus Region

Blazons in the Eskus region during the Union of the Kingdoms.

Ofral Region

Blazons in the Ofral region during the Union of the Kingdoms.

Reswin Region

Blazons in the Reswin region during the Union of the Kingdoms.

Tudra Region

Blazons in the Tudra region during the Union of the Kingdoms.

Usma Region

Blazons in the Usma region during the Union of the Kingdoms.

Wasten Region

Blazons in the Wasten region during the Union of the Kingdoms.

Zagrela Region

Blazons in the Zagrela region during the Union of the Kingdoms.


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