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Scarmont Key

“A wonderful, doomed place that never existed”
Scarmont Key was an island on the Eastern coast of Arrasgoth, in between the Tudra Region and the Eskus Region. It was found in a channel between two islands, completely disconnected from the mainland and inhabited by high elves and warforged. During The War of the Skies, the island completely disappeared with no trace, no debris and no sign of it ever having been there. As of this moment, it is still unclear what happened to the island, though there is a large mystery surrounding it in certain circles, especially amongst the pirates of Peregrine Bay. In fact, the whole island has almost been wiped out of existence altogether and only a handful of people know of its existence.


Scarmont Key had been a tropical island, mostly flat in terrain with a mixture of rock and sand as the main ground type. The island was built up to be not just an island but a huge hub of technological advancements. There were very few hills as most of the land was levelled out to build the mechanical structures that the island was known for. However, there were large caverns underneath the island that lead from one end to the other underwater through the sea. The island had one of the best views of Mount Furor and had no inland access to fresh water.


There was no real natural ecosystem in Scarmont Key due to the heavy industrial nature of the island. Most animals that existed there were brought in from the mainland though there was a large population of sea-faring birds that tended to settle on the large industrial towers. The island was always warm outside so needed a large amount of magic to keep the place cool for all the machinery. The inhabitants were mostly warforged who did not need to eat or drink so animals were scarce, and the elves that did live there were able to get what they needed from the mainland.  
"I may not remember my home, but I still miss it."

Ecosystem Cycles

Due to Scarmont Key being a tropical island, during Autumn, Spring and Summer, the temperature was hot and always was that way, though there was the occasional horrendous storm involving lightning and torrential rain. The Winter season was when the island suffered the most as it would plummet to freezing temperatures to the point that many warforged would cease to function without the help of the magic that had been curated.

Localized Phenomena

As a tropical island, Scarmont Key was frequently on the end of horrendous storms during the Summer months. Often the island would become flooded so a system was created to form a cavern underneath the island to drain the water into. The buildings were also created to help dampen the effects of lightening storms by channelling the lightening energy into magical power packs.

Fauna & Flora

There were not many natural plants that were grown here once industrialisation took place on the island, and before that it was mostly grass and palm trees. The plants that were on the island before its disappearance were normally for decorative purpose and a lot were magically or artificially created.

Natural Resources

Scarmont Key did not have a lot of natural resources in terms of agriculture and wood, but it did have a large quantity of metal ore underground that they were able to utilise for their own gain. There was a large quantity of fish that swam around the edge of the island and around the docks that could be caught and sold or eaten by the populace.


Scarmont Key has a clouded history due to most records of it being wiped from existence. What is known is that the island was created by a man known as Scarmont who created all the warforged. Scarmont Key gained its name from both the person who created it and also from the tower that powered the island's infrastructure, known colloquially as 'The Hub' which contained the 'key' to powering the island.   It was a place of technological prowess that even rivalled Banshaw Edge but something strange happened to it during the War of the Skies that caused it to completely disappear from existence with barely a trace of it ever having existed. The only remnants of Scarmont Key are maps that can be found that show the place existed over a thousand years ago, and the only two warforged in Arrasgoth that travel currently as part of a pirate crew.   It is unclear what happened to the city, why is disappeared and whether it will return at this point, though rumours suggest that the gods have plans for the island, especially Migrie, God of Machines.


Scarmont Key had been a tourist spot for those searching for technology that was more advanced or just to visit the island ran by warforged. There were no other warforged to be found across Arrasgoth at this time, only the ones that were created and lived on the island. The tourists would normally spend most of their time visiting around the central area, enjoying the technological magic of the island and normally spending a lot of their gold buying magical items. Since its disappearance, Banshaw Edge took over the mantle for it.  
"Not my first choice of vacation. Nice folk, can't mix a dirty cocktail for love or money. Easy to beat at cards, absolutely no poker face. And if the sky goes dark - get out before it's too late because not even Omes, God of the Tempest can hear you there."
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