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Migrie, God of Machines

Migrie was the first God of the Forge and was chosen by the gods of the Arrasgoth Pantheon. He was chosen as he was the best mortal blacksmith within Arrasgoth and they needed someone to watch over the mortals that forged items. He was told that he would only have his godly powers for ten years then would go to The Cast of Fire, a retirement demi-plane specifically created for him.   Migrie, however, was a smart dwarf, and made himself indispensible to the gods so they would not be able to take away his powers. Not only did he craft all of the armour that the gods wanted within that ten years, he also upgraded Keel, God of the Grave so that the boat was unable to function without his constant tending.   This upgrade meant that the gods had no one to keep Keel in good shape as none understood the mechanics that Migrie had put in place. They granted Migrie The Transfer of Keel as his realm alongside Keel and allowed him to be the humanoid guide for those that passed on, as long as he continued to keep Keel upgraded. They then granted him the title of God of Machines.  

Divine Domains

Migrie has no real domain and is not worshipped by many mortals. However, he does have dominion over the Transfer of Keel alongside Keel. This has meant that some worship him as God of the Grave as well, and some worship him as his title, God of Machines.   
Divine Classification
True Neutral
Aligned Organization

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