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Eskus Region (S-Kuss)

The Eskus Region is an area of Arrasgoth to the North East of the continent. It is the smallest region of the mainland continent and is bordered by the sea to the North and East. The Eskus Region is largely inhabited by a variety of races but holds the biggest amalgamation of magic users on the continent.


The Eskus Region is a temperate region though is affected greatly by the amount of magic that is found in the region. The land is scarred in most areas due to some sort of magical feedback and is the most technology heavy area of Arrasgoth. It originally had an island floating off to the side known as Scarmont Key but this island has no official record anywhere. It is accessible by boat and by car without much issue.


The ecosystem of the Eskus Region is mostly temperate but the magic that flows through it affects the region greatly in a variety of different ways. It has typical flora and fauna as well as the less typical and more magical types. It is very popular for magical folk and creatures to settle here.

Ecosystem Cycles

The Eskus Region is affected by the seasons as most areas are in Arrasgoth. It goes through all four seasons in a relatively normal manner and most of the inhabitants and creatures. They cope through cold winters and hot summers all year around and prepare accordingly for it. However, the amount of magic running through the region has been known to greatly affect the seasons, whether that is in length or severity, especially in Banshaw Edge.

Localized Phenomena

There is not a lot of localised phenomena in the Eskus Region when it comes to natural entities. However, the magical feedback of the region causes a lot of localised, unnatural phenomena.


The Eskus Region has most of its history from the recent civil war that has occurred between Banshaw Edge and Inham Farms. Banshaw Edge is the seat of the Kingdom of Cosmopolita. It is also where the start of the civil war began when Rudyard declared war across the continent.
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