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Dawnminster is a small town to the North of Arrasgoth, found to the South of Bellvein. The town sits on the edge of a large farm that is tended to by the population.   The town is a religious settlement that gets its name from the large cathedral that the population live within the grounds of.  


Dawnminster contains a myriad of races but they all come to live here due to their worship and following of the god, Govlous, God of Life. They welcome anyone to stay by their hearth but to settle there forever, the person must worship him.  


Dawnminster is run as a theocracy but a Chosen is appointed as the voice of Govlous. Govlous blesses one person to be the ruling authority each year at the Festival of the Hearth.  


The infrastructure of Dawnminster is focused on the following and teachings of Govlous. The town itself is a large cathedral with a large wall that borders the grounds. Inside of the grounds of the church are the houses that a majority of the population live within. The clerics of Govlous live within an area of the cathedral itself near the large, ever-glowing arcane Hearth.  


There is an abundance of tourism that is generated from Dawnminster due to the beautiful cathedral and grounds. Many visit to see the large stained glass windows and to visit the hearth. It is believed that the Hearth connects directly to Govlous himself and any who visit will be blessed with a good and healthy family.  

Natural Resources

Dawnminster has access to a large farm at the back of the cathedral that is tended to by some of the clergy. No one is certain how it came to be but the farm is always healthy, always growing, and does not seem to run out of food to tend to the ever growing population of worshippers.  
Founding Date
371 BTU
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