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Bellvein is a small town to the North of Arrasgoth, found to the South of Cloudcrest Lake and on the main road between Egomont and Banshaw Edge. The town gets its name due to being in the shape of a traditional church bell.   The town focuses on creating bespoke pieces of armour for most of the town guards in the Wasten Region. They are one of the few factory towns in Arrasgoth.   


Bellvein has a mixed population of humans and elves, with the occasionally other race appearing and settling in the town. Most of the people that settle here are in the blacksmith trade though there are some that run general stores and various other parts of the town.   


Bellvein is run as a democracy and a new leader is elected every two years. Anyone can be nominated to become mayor of the town. Most of the choices are based on how well the person can craft armour.  

Industry & Trade

Bellvein bases its trade on the bespoke armour it sends out. The major trade deal it has is with Banshaw Edge, suppling the town guards with armour to protect the mages that reside there. However, it has also been in deals with Egomont previous to the war, though this trade has dwindled in the past few months.  


The infrastructure of Bellvein is focused on the constant turning over of bespoke armour for the town guards of Wasten. Their economy relies heavily on suppling those town and with the recent declaration of war from Banshaw Edge, their trade has boomed with more need for armour on both sides.  

Natural Resources

Bellvein is not far from Cloudcrest Lake so is able to gain access to fresh water when needed. They are far from a forest so wood can be in short supply. They are on a main road so have access to towns easier for food supplies.   
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