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Midmore is a small town in the North of Arrasgoth, to the East of Blossoming Sands. The town is on the Western coast of Cloudcrest Lake.   The town is a farming settlement that focuses on cultivating and trades a wide range of teas. They trade their teas under the name of Midmore Mixers and it is the most popular brand of tea in Arrasgoth.  


Midmore is predominantly focused around the nature intuitive races and has a mixed collection of gnomes and firbolgs. They are quite friendly with the other towns and visitors that pass through, but can be quite secretive and protective over their farms.  


Midmore is run as a selective democracy and a new leader is elected every ten years out of the gnome race. The firbolgs have abstained from ruling for the majority of time that the town has been established, preferring to leave the financial and political burdens to the gnomes.  

Industry & Trade

Midmore bases its trade on the tea that it grows in the farms that are tended to by the firbolgs and gnomes that inhabit the settlement. They grow a large variety of teas and are the biggest exporter of it in Arrasgoth. They add a new fusion of tea every year to their roster so that they are always keeping their trade fresh and exciting.  


The infrastructure of Midmore is focused on the growing and trade of the teas that they cultivate in their farms. The gnomes make sure the trade is substantial enough to keep them at a profit and to help them expand their town for the ever growing population. They are near a lake so that limits them to expanding around it though they have been considering growing over the lake itself.  

Natural Resources

Midmore is on a large fertile plain of land that sits next to Cloudcrest Lake. They have ample access to fresh water from this lake and are not lacking in growing space and resources. They are quite far from a forest however so wood can be scarce.  
Founding Date
450 BTU
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Villager One: "This tastes like beer. Is this beer? Did they make a beer one? Yeah, look, 'sweetened with the freshest hops for that yeasty taste'."

"Can I get drunk off this then? If it's got yeast in it..."

"... Pass me the mug."
— Overheard from two Midmore villagers in a tavern.
(7th Prinofin 1 UOK)

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