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Lakeharbor is a small hamlet in the North of Arrasgoth, found to the South of Cloudcrest Lake and North of Quickbarrow.   The hamlet is a crafting settlement that focuses on the creation of children's dolls, specialising in Worry Dolls. They did deliver a large amount of their dolls for free to Egomont for the orphanage for many years until this year.


Lakeharbor is a small community of rock gnomes that have carved out their own hamlet over the years. There are no other races there due to the gnomes making it clear that they don't want any other races to live with them. They keep to themselves, working on their doll creations.   


Lakeharbor is run as a gerontocracy and has had the same leader for the past 80 years. All the population approve of this method and the community is more of a family than a town.   

Industry & Trade

Lakeharbor creates and trades in children's dolls, but their speciality is based around their own brand of worry dolls. The worry dolls are created with a mixture of gnome crafting and magic, and have the ability to cast a Calm Emotion's spell once a worry is shared. They are very popular amongst the children of Banshaw Edge.  


The infrastructure of Lakeharbor is based around the crafting and distribution of dolls. There are many small workshops in the hamlet that are constantly tended to. There is one large treehouse that houses all of the population when they are not working.  

Natural Resources

Lakeharbor is only a few hours away from the edge of Cloudcrest Lake so they have easy access to fresh water. They are settled in a small forest so there is plenty of access to animals for hunting and berry foraging. There is also plenty of wood to build with for the crafting of the dolls.  
Founding Date
297 BTU
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