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Greenfair is a small village in the North of Arrasgoth, found South of Bayvale and North of Purgatory.   The town is a forestry settlement that focuses on the growing of trees for exporting as lumber. The town is surrounded by a forest that is constantly being regrown and chopped down. Most of their lumber is used in building work.  


Greenfair is predominantly orc in population though they have the occasional visitor from different races. They tend to keep to themselves and have very little social activity with each other and visitors. They focus on sleeping, eating and working.   


Greenfair is run as a kraterocracy and leadership can sometimes change monthly depending on the current population of orcs living there. It tends to involve a fight to change leadership and often results in the orc that loses being exiled from the town.   

Industry & Trade

Greenfair bases its trade on the exporting of lumber to nearby settlements and further afield. Most of their lumber is used in building houses and newer settlements, though occasionally the lumber is used towards the building of boats in Port Neswest 


The infrastructure of Greenfair is focused on the lumber trade and the constant planting and cutting of the trees that surround it. The orcs are always at work and very rarely rest, only for food and sleep. They do not have much of a culture and most of the housing is very basic and only a small step up from a tent.  

Natural Resources

Greenfair is surrounded by trees so there are plenty of natural woods to build their houses. They are not too far from the large nature lakes either side of the settlement. They are also on the edge of Purgatory  so have access to the main road to Egomont 
Founding Date
599 BTU
Location under
Visitor 1: I love coming to Greenfair! The trees are so majestic and proud, oh the stories they could tell!

Visitor 2: I'm here to stare at other things big, tall and green. You have fun in the forest, I'M going to the bar!
— Two visitors overheard by the Greenfair forest
(25th Prinodeb 1 UOK)

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