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Wasten Region (Wah-Stun)

The Wasten Region is an area of Arrasgoth to the Mid North of the continent. It is found as part of the mainland continent and is bordered by the sea and the Rugged Highlands to the North. The Wasten Region is largely inhabited by a variety of races but holds the biggest amount of farmlands in Arrasgoth, including the largest farm, Inham Farms.


The Wasten Region is a temperate region with many farmlands, settlements and forests spread out amongst the area. It is perhaps the most normal of all the areas when it comes to its geographical terrain and areas. It has all the features that can commonly be seen on most islands and very little stands out in the area. It is easily accessible from all sides.


The ecosystem of the Wasten Region is temperature and provides an ideal place for all manner of creatures, flora and fauna to grow and thrive. It is the most popular place for people to settle other than the Eskus Region.

Ecosystem Cycles

The Wasten Region is affected by the seasons as most areas are in Arrasgoth. It goes through all four seasons in a relatively normal manner and most of the inhabitants and creatures. They cope through cold winters and hot summers all year around and prepare accordingly for it. A lot of the creatures that live in the area are either tamed or are the typical wild creatures you might find roaming temperate areas.

Localized Phenomena

There is not a lot of localised phenomena in the Wasten Region as the area is relatively tame. However, perhaps the most likely area of phenomena is the Cryptic Caves that is found in Mount Oldlade.


The Wasten Region has most of its history from the recent civil war that has occurred between Inham Farms and Banshaw Edge. Inham Farms is the seat of the Kingdom of Carowen.


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