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Breole Region (BREE-OOL)

The Breole Region is an area of Arrasgoth to the South of the mainland, on a lone island in the sea. It has an oceanic landmark known as the Sandstone Bridge that links it somewhat to the mainland but it can only be visited by boat. The Breole Region has an extremely humid and hot climate so is mostly inhabited by those that can cope with the desert heat.


The Breole Region is not a fertile region and growing anything here is extremely difficult without the help of magic. The regions terrain is completely sand and there are no naturally found pools of water such as lakes and rivers within the region. There is a large range of dunes that can be seen from the two settlements that are found here, which cause some issues when a sandstorm arises.


The ecosystem of the Breole system is harsh and those that survive there are flora and fauna that thrive in hot conditions, such as cacti. The environment itself very rarely has any rain fall and the majority of the water for growing crops comes from manmade structure or magical intervention. The food here is normally imported or magically created in the settlements, though there are pockets of homegrown foods such as papayas and coconuts.

Ecosystem Cycles

The Breole Region is affected by the seasons extremely mildly due to its magically affected climate after the fallout of The Followers of the Veil and The Ancient Dragons. They barely suffer Spring, Autumn or Winter, but feel the Summer season the worst at increases the humidity and heat of the desert island by 50%.

Localized Phenomena

There is only one localized phenomena that exists in the Breole Region, other than the once fertile lands having been corrupted and destroyed in the previous war to turn it into sand. There is an abnormally large sandstorm that roams through the main desert area of the Breole Region that cannot be affected by any form of physical or magical interference. It is also rumoured that large beasts live within this storm.


The Breole Region has some of the most rich history, stemming from the time of The Ancient Dragons. The Breole Region was once their homeland, with all of them using it as their main base of operations, even though many of them spread out across the continent to find their own piece of land to corrupt and change. After the war between The Followers of the Veil and the Ancient Dragons, the entire landscape was razed and changed into pure black sand which slowly changed into the yellow and white sand that is seen today.   One of the other major historical incidences that occurred in the Breole Region was the disappearance of their Pharoah, leading to the well known myth of the Pharaoh of the South, known throughout this region by all the population. It is still unclear whether this will ever be resolved or investigated, though The Beacons of Hope have come close to searching into it.   One of the settlements has also become a business venture for the archdevil of Arrasgoth, Valus who has taken over Cliffdale and the population that live there. He had gotten them to sign contracts that forfeit their souls to him when he dies.
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