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Alma is a small town in the South of Arrasgoth, found to the North of Sauville. The town lies on minor roads between a few of the small settlements in the Usma Region.   The town is a forestry settlement that focuses on growing of trees for the creating of paper.  


Alma is predominantly wood elf in population though there is the occasional high elf that settles for a few years. They are friendly to outsiders but are a reserved population, with most living on their own.   


Alma is run as a gerontocracy and the current leader has been in place since the founding of the town. No one has shown any indication of wanting to take over the leadership role.  

Industry & Trade

Alma bases its trade on the exporting of paper to Banshaw Edge. The paper is used to create all of the books and magical journals inside in the city. The paper is also distributed to other major settlements in Arrasgoth but the bulk of the trade goes to the magical city.  


The infrastructure of Alma is focused on the paper trade and they spend most of their days delivering the paper to Banshaw Edge. The trees they use are magically grown and are normally fully replanted within a month once they have been taken down. There are three small paper mills in the town that are constantly in use.  

Natural Resources

Alma is surrounded by trees so there is plenty of natural wood for them to use to build their houses and to use for the paper making. They have a well that provides plentiful fresh water.  
Founding Date
479 BTU
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