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Vivid Marsh

Vivid Marsh is both a tribal camp settlement and a swamp in the South of Arrasgoth. The settlement itself is nestled in the trees of swamp and actually consists of multiple camps of dragonborn that have only recently come under one banner as a united settlement due to the influence of both the upcoming war and the actions of Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu.   The camps focus on survival first and foremost, and the inhabitants rarely venture from out of the comfort of the swamp. The camps have recently become a refuge for some of those fleeing the war in the Usma region.  


Vivid Marsh was populated only by dragonborn of the various colours and it is rare to find one of their camps with more than one colour. With the recent addition of war refugees, the population has increased with a more varied racial type, but the main bulk are still dragonborn.   They had originally kept to themselves but since one of their own, Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu, has become part of The Beacons of Hope, they have become more active in protecting their interests.  


Vivid Marsh is run as a mixture of two different government styles. Though they are run by the strongest of their tribe, it is not necessarily because they are the strongest that they lead. They also are very respectful of the wisdom and council of their elders. In some ways, the elders of the tribes can in fact have more power than any official leader.  


Vivid Marsh itself is a defense. The swamp is hazardous to any that do not know it. If the predators that lurk under the water, in the trees or in the vegetation don't get you, the extreme humidity and temperatures will. It is rare that anything from outside of the Vivid Marsh will cause an issue to them.  


The infrastructure of Vivid Marsh is focused around survival. The tribes are not out to make their settlements bigger or to earn more gold than anyone else. Their predominant, overriding decisions are ones that will make their survival easier in the harsh environment of the swamp. All the tribes live in sturdy tents in a circular setting to create a communal hub in the centre.  

Guilds and Factions

Vivid Marsh has become its own faction and work for themselves. They are one of only a handful of settlements that have yet to pledge allegiance in the war to either side. They have a tentative truce with Purgatory through Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu but this is not solidified.  


Vivid Marsh has been around for many hundreds of years, but the tribal setups of the dragonborns have only been around for the past thousand.   It has recently been discovered that the existence of the black dragonborns may be to do with one of The Ancient Dragons, Vileagous.  

Natural Resources

Vivid Marsh has plenty of trees and animals to sustain the tribes, but water can be somewhat of a problem. There is a river that runs through the middle of the forest but this is not always clean.  
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