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The Ancient Dragons

The Ancient Dragons are the oldest organisation of Arrasgoth and are the first creatures to inhabit the world, according to the Arrasgoth Pantheon. They are believed to have been created by Dutdur, God of Knowledge and are the most knowledgeable beings that exist. They were more of a family than a group, with some family by blood, some by marriage, and some by friendship. All of them worked together as a community, keeping each other safe, despite those that felt that dragons were inherently good or evil based upon the colour of their scales.


The structure of the Ancient Dragons is one of a family. Though Nega, Champion of the Green is the eldest and perhaps most rarest of all kinds of dragons that could have been found, she deemed Omissy, Champion of the ____ to be the leader as she did not want the responsibility. All of the rest of the dragons refer to Omissy as their leader, but respect the wishes and opinions of Nega as their elder. They work as more of a committee, deciding on ideas together, but Omissy has final say on it all. This does not mean that some of the dragons don't have other ideas and go against the collective on some things, as with any organisation.


The Ancient Dragons pride themselves on being intelligent beings, on being a force to be reckoned with. A lot of their culture is based around respect and understanding, and they are never quick to rush into things, preferring to debate first. There are those that are younger and more headstrong who take on their own ideas, but most of the group work on the principle of think first, act later.    The Ancient Dragons are also an opulent group. They horde things, whether that is money, treasure, or something else of their worth. They believe in abundance of things and this is shown in the elaborate way they dress, their homes and in the way they create their items, such as their most famous item, built with the help of high elves, Ledrith Teithio.


Until very recently, all the Ancient Dragons were presumed dead until The Beacons of Hope got involved. They came across Nombu, Champion of the Blue who had been upset that everyone had forgotten him. After unravelling more and more mysteries, they started to find more and more of the Ancient Dragons, cursed, trapped and enslaved in multiple ways. As they freed more, they learnt more and the force of the Ancient Dragons became stronger and more feared. Dragons had not been seen in Arrasgoth for over 1000 years before that.


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