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Ledrith Teithio

Perhaps the oldest artifacts in Arrasgoth, the Ledrith Teithio (pronounced 'led-rith tie-thee-o') is a network of enchanted mirrors that work as linkways between various areas of the continent. Both the mirrors themselves and the walkway are referred to as the Ledrith Teithio, though in practice they could be considered separate entities.   The name of the mirrors translate to 'Magical Travel' in Common. The Ledrith Teithio had been a way for The Ancient Dragons to get from one place to another secretively and quickly, in case of emergencies or necessity. Only recently have two of the mirrors been rediscovered by The Beacons of Hope - the group of adventurers who are currently dealing with the threat of The Darkness - after their exploration of Whitewall.   The Ledrith Teithio were the first and last way of travelling across Arrasgoth through a separate ethereal demi-plane. They were created over 1000 years ago and have not been active since The War of the Skies  that caused the Ancient Dragons to be ripped from time.  

Construction of the Ledrith Teithio

Materials and Components

The Ledrith Teithio is created of two different types of materials. The mirror section is made out of moon glass. This special type of glass is made by cooling the glass under the light of a full moon. It can only be crafted by high elves.   The mirror frame is made out of a myriad of metals, predominantly gold, silver, and bronze. The mirror is held within the frame by a thin layer of melted platinum around the seams. At the top of the mirror is a large rune, hand carved in Ancient Draconic.  

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Ledrith Teithio is powered by strong magic to connect it to the ethereal demi-plane walkway. Once it is connected to this power, it needs to be activated for the pathway to allow travel to the other mirrors.   To first start the Ledrith Teithio, a magic user needs to channel their own source of innate power into the mirror itself. Once this has been completed, an Ancient Dragon can then activate the rune at the top of the mirror to open the pathway to travel. They are the only people that can activate the Ledrith Teithio, but any caster can connect the mirror to the magical weave.   If you are attempting to enter from the material plane, it will need to be activated and powered. If you are inside the demi-plane, you are able to leave the walkway through any powered mirror and they do not need to be activated.   Once the mirror is activated, there is a time limit of 20 seconds before the pathway will close once again, regardless of where the user is at that time.  


The process of making Ledrith Teithio is a complicated one and requires someone with immense magic to be able to create it. It is specifically created using Ancient Dragon knowledge and tools, so without their input, it is almost impossible to create a replica. The creation of the mirror not only requires the use of a high amount of magic, it also involves being forged within a volcano. This is due to the need to heat the metal at an extremely high temperature to melt and form the intricate weaving of the metals.  

History of the Ledrith Teithio

Before the Union of the Kingdoms

The mirrors were protected and created by each member of the Ancient Dragons, totalling 18 overall. The mirrors were all connected by a long ethereal walkway in a demi-plane constructed by the dragons themselves. However, after The War of the Skies  , the mirrors were all fractured and broken, severing the demi-plane from the material plane.  

During the Union of the Kingdoms

As The Beacons of Hope were investigating the fortress in Whitewall, they discovered a group of cultists worshipping The Darkness, keeping one of the long lost Ancient Dragons captive. After the defeat of the cultists, they freed the Ancient Dragon from her magical prison. She helped them to restore and activate the Ledrith Teithio hidden there so they were able to travel along the walkway to the only other activated mirror in Cape Vern.  

Current Uses

The Ledrith Teithio only has two current mirrors that are fully powered and able to be opened. One is in Whitewall and the other is in Cape Vern. With the slow return of the Ancient Dragons, more are expected to be discovered and returned to their connected states.
Item type
Current Location
Owning Organization
Extremely rare and can only be created by the Ancient Dragons.
Height x Length: 2m x 0.5m
Base Price
“18 of them? We need to find the rest!”
— Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu
The Beacons of Hope
(12th Prinomili 1UOK)

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