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Cape Vern

"I find that the more fun you have, the looser the coin purse and the willpower. Information and silks do not come cheap, my friend, especially in Cape Vern."
Sgàil, Royal Advisor
  Cape Vern is a large city on the Western coast of Skegring Sands, found in the Breole Region. It is the capital settlement of the island.   The city is a desert settlement that focuses on entertainment and trade of silk. It has steadily grown over the past 1000 years due to an influx of pirates looking to settle down. The city has also become the governmental home for Skegring Sands, watched over by the current Royal Advisor.


Cape Vern has a myriad of different races within its walls. There is a high proportion of humans, elves and tabaxi within the city. There is a mixture of professions and classes amongst the population, but they are separated somewhat between the main city and the slums.


Though the large majority of the population are unaware of the exact nature of their leader, Cape Vern is run as a monarchy with a Pharoah as the head of their town and indeed most of Skegring Sands itself.   The common folk are aware of a benevolent leader that rules from the desert but have never seen them. They do, however, have agents within the town that speak on behalf of him.

Industry & Trade

Cape Vern makes a lot of its money from tourists visiting the town, but they also have a strong silk trade. Silk is the most popular fabric used in Skegring Sands due to the extreme heat of the desert. They do ship silk across the sea to Port Neswest as well to trade to those on the mainland of Arrasgoth.


The infrastructure of Cape Vern is very eclectic and has two real focuses that generate its ambience. However, there is a section of the town that seems to lay forgotten known as the slums that has not been addressed in some time.   Half of Cape Vern is focused on entertainment, catering to the masses, and providing a beautiful holiday spot that has sandy beaches, taverns and a vibrant market. The other half is focused on the religious followings of Azahd, Goddess of Light and hosts a large temple in worship to her.


Cape Vern is the oldest settlement in Arrasgoth and was the original home of The Followers of the Veil before the corruption that befell them.

Natural Resources

Cape Vern sits near the coast so has access to a lot of water though has difficulty getting fresh water at times due to the extreme heat. This requires them to need more water for the population. They don't have access to wood very easily but have an abundance of sandstone.
Founding Date
2345 BTU
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