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#29 - Fortress of Platinum Report

General Summary

After Eldrek Zana decided to sign them up to go and search out the abandoned fortress, The Beacons of Hope headed inside to see what was going on. They soon discovered it was not abandoned, hearing cultists that seemed to be wandering around. They discovered that members of The Followers of the Veil were inside this fortress, protecting something or someone.   They defeated most of the cultists inside the fortress with ease and came across a ritual circle that contained no treasure but a trapped platinum ancient dragon, Nega, Champion of the ______, another of The Ancient Dragons.   She explained the situation, that she had been trapped in their when the war between The Followers of the Veil and the Ancient Dragons had occurred, and it seemed that they were finding many members of their family now. She explained that she wished to go home but she was unsure if the portals were still in place.   The group were pointed towards the damaged Ledrith Teithio which could only be fixed by a high elf wizard. Harlin Wyllt was forced to use his magic to fix it and suffered a lot of exhaustion from it but it was mended. Nega pressed the arcane sigil at the top, activating the mirror into the portal as Harlin passed out.   The Beacons of Hope and Eldrek headed into the opened pathway through the mirror, seeing 18 mirrors that looked smashed and destroyed, apart from the one they had gone through. As they continued along the white pathway, they found that there was one mirror that was not broken and that it led to some sort of oasis temple style building through a waterfall.   The group stepped through and found themselves in a foyer draped with various fabrics and silks. It was here that they met the man who would lead them through some of the next part of their journey, Sgàil. He explained to them that they were welcomed to Cape Vern.
Report Date
26 Feb 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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