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Alfyn Weis

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Alfyn Weis

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Always been fit and able to work, known to be physically able given the life he has lived with the work he has involved himself with. Well toned body and what you'd expect someone who has been doing Farm work for most of their life. No know illness or afflictions that hinder him.

Body Features

He has a a stockier build than some half-elves, with more muscle definition due to hard labour and toil upon the farm.

Facial Features

Very gentle looking despite the hard working upbringing, mostly dues to his elven heritage. Has a short beard that is a little scruffy but is very easily kept and maintained when needed.

Identifying Characteristics

Alfyn has no real identifying features that would make him stand out.

Physical quirks

Alfyn tends to spend a lot of time idly looking at his engagement ring due to being absent from Brea for the majority of the time.

Special abilities

Cleric and Druidic spell casting, powers of the Chosen that he is trying to learn how to harness and the eternal ability to stress out his dad.

Apparel & Accessories

Fairly worn chain mail armour with a green tabard showing the family symbol of the Weis family. Also has a green cape that makes him look extra charming, and wears some noble esq looking clothes under the armour.

Specialized Equipment

The Trident Benediction, a gift from the god Chauntea when she chose him as her chosen whilst in the corrupted world. The shield Charity given by the Aasimar Zephie whilst wandering the Shadowfell.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity





Alfyn studied at Inham Farms, following the faith of his church under the goddess, Chauntea. He was not necessarily a troublemaker, but he certainly wasn't a star student in his early years. He became a lot more disciplined with his family's growth in wealth.


Alfyn was born into a farming family so he has mostly worked with animals on the Weis' farm. This is also where his cleric domain of Nature has come from. He has also done a good amount of crop work before his adventuring with The Beacons of Hope. He is an all purpose farmer by trade.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Alfyn has always been good at caring for animals and was one of the first within Inham Farms to consider the standards of animal care. By changing the way they were fed and raised, he increased a lot of his family's animals livelihoods and marketing quality. This has helped shape Inham Farms into the best hub of agricultural trade.   Since adventuring, perhaps his best achievement is the ability to constantly add members to his family every time he leaves home. Whether that is in animal terms or people terms, he tends to bring something home for his father to deal with.

Failures & Embarrassments

Through out his life Alfyn has had incredible luck and good fortune when it comes to dealing with difficult situations. This however lead to one of his greatest failures, where a decision he made cost the life of one of the party member's parents. It was a harsh lesson for Alfyn and a reminder that the world isn't always as nice as it seems, and a reminder that not every situation has a good ending.

Mental Trauma

Alfyn has been gifted in his life to suffer very little mental trauma that has affected him to a great degree. He has had some bad experiences but nothing that affected him to a traumatic degree. He is trying to come to terms with becoming a father and protecting his fiancé, Brea, which is perhaps one of the major mental drains he has at this time.

Intellectual Characteristics

Alfyn is relatively open with subjects besides ones that are inherently bad, but is concerned about the lack of authority governing the developing magic and the use of unnatural sources to develop society. This mentality regarding magic has gone back and forth depending on the individuals he meets and their principles on the matter. He tends to try to let others speak first so he can deduce a fair situation that could make everyone satisfied in the end. He wants to know the full facts first before making any sort of agreement to anything.   His preferences for conversations and exploring ideas is in faith in gods, nature, caring for others and their livelihood, the future of the country and family. Alfyn has only had one real big misinterpretation which only happened early on when he first found love, in which the party members definitely had fun with when Alfyn first started dating Brea.   He generally knows a lot about deities and nature, but is also well informed on business trade with other cities. Not very well versed with the understandings of the arcane and tends to avoid that as a topic, especially as he knows that his faith and nature itself grants him the strength and understanding that he needs. He tends to get along with most people, unless they are too serious or a bit too playful in there actions. The party's bard Harlin Wyllt knows how to put Alfyn through his paces.

Morality & Philosophy

Alfyn mainly treats other with respect and dignity when meeting them, regardless of who the individual is it is only fair at a first impression to give someone that respect, unless they are clearly hostile, aggressive or have outwardly harmed someone either in his family or friends.   His philosophy is to stay true to himself and strive to help benefit those who need it. Always remember to respect individuals for there personalities, not there outward appearance. It is also to try to keep people first in regards to business, without well kept workers with great moral there would be no prominent nor profitable business.

Personality Characteristics


Alfyn's main desire and priority are keeping his family and friends safe. He also has the priority to stay alive for Brea's sake so that they can start their life together as lovers and family.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Strengths: Being level headed in the most dire of situations, has a quality to see the good in people which could help resolve issues without the need for conflict.   Weaknesses: He is a bit naïve in comparison to the group; growing up in a loving and caring home can be a blinding to realistic situations. It is something that Alfyn is working on by exploring Arrasgoth, so that he can make realistic and apt decisions that won't effect anyone wrongly from a lack of experience.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Brea, Family & Friends, Animals and Nature, his Faith, enjoying a drink of Scrumpy after a long days work.   Dislikes: People who are unreasonable, in regards to blatant disregard to someone's livelihood or if they speak on someone else's behalf when making decisions, being teased about his love life with Brea, anyone who would hurt them or get in the way of them.

Vices & Personality flaws

Always finds a way to stress his dad out, even when not meaning to.


Contacts & Relations

  • Brea 
  • Daelar Weis 
  • Lisette Weis 
  • Orhan
  • Elrris
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Alfyn Weis


Towards Breanna Roswall



Breanna Roswall


Towards Alfyn Weis



Wealth & Financial state

Alfyn is within the noble class, though his family had not always been that way. His family in general have he development of Inham Farms as their dependencies. Alfyn himself owns Emrys some gold for a drink but doesn't have any massive debts. In regards to his funds, he gets money from his father and from his jobs he does with the Beacons of Hope.

Son of Daelar, the leader of Inham Farms, but more recently know as an adventurer that travels across Arrasgoth, defending it with his party from the influence of the Darkness.

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Current Location
Date of Birth
12th October
Year of Birth
22 BTU 1024 Years old
Breanna Roswall (fiancée)
Current Residence
Quotes & Catchphrases
"We're gonna put a pin in that for now....come back to it later."
— Alfyn Weis
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Known Languages
Common, Elvish, Sylvan, Celestial and Druidic
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