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#45 - The Tenebrae Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope gave themselves a bit of a boost before they found themselves facing off against a Tenebrae, a creature made of pure shadows ripped from living and dead people. Zephie also had been fighting this creature and seemed exhausted and worse for wear.   The Tenebrae was no match for the Beacons, with buffs, attacks and spells everywhere, they manage to send it back to where it came from with an almost practiced ease, dealing hundreds of power worth of damage. However, Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu lost his shadow in the fight and they considered it lost forever until the saw what was happening to Harlin Wyllt.   Harlin's eyes had turned completely black and his necrotic tattoos from the Ledrith Teithio had started to glow black underneath. His arms looked almost completely shadowy and he was struggling to contain the shadows of the Tenebrae that he, without really understanding, had absorbed with his bardic powers. Managing to eventually release this with the power of rock music, Emrys' shadow was returned to him and Harlin was almost completely knocked out. The only thing that seemed to remain was that the tattoos continued to glow.    The group caught up with Zephie and learnt that she had been chasing this Tenebrae across the continent and back in hopes of dealing with it but to not much avail. They discovered she had been back a few days after Rudyard had reached into The Shadowfell to try and find her. They were not sure if this was linked and if Rudyard even knew she was back.   As they were discussing, their heads were filled with a barrage of messages from all over Arrasgoth. Everywhere was being attacked by either shadowy creatures or Rudyard's army of magic users and constructs. They learnt that most of the places being attacked seemed to be focused on the Wasten Region. The group returned to Inham Farms and Zephie continued towards Shimmering Grotto to rest.    Once they arrived in Inham Farms, they discussed the best plan of action and Freya Holliend disappeared for more than a minute due to her connection to Captain Gawain. She explained that they were fighting shadowy creatures, not Tenebrae, but something different. She came back covered in multiple people's blood too and explained it was not a good time with the pirates.    The group learnt that Lisette Weis was moving with Breanna Roswall to transport refugees further up towards North Rock. Not having a way to transport themselves, they were luckily graced by the arrival of The Ancient Dragons with bad news.   Omissy, Champion of the White explained to the group that they believe that two wars are being fought right now. They believe that the civil war is happening, and that The Followers of the Veil have returned to finish what they started. They offered to help how they can but their priority is stopping the Followers of the Veil, who are now known as The Darkness.
Report Date
23 Feb 2022
Primary Location
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