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The Mire of Manter

"I accidentally messed up the soup. I put the wrong mushroom in it. You like Madarch Clwyf, right? It's only a lot poisonous... I get confused in the Mire!"
— an elf to a dwarf from Shimmering Grotto
  The Mire of Manter is a large area of marshland found to the East of Arrasgoth in the middle of the Eskus Region. It is close to a variety of different settlements and borders the forests of Shimmering Grotto. It is a fertile area of land for different kinds of fungi but not much else grows there.   The Mire of Manter gets its name from two things. It gets Mire from the land being a literal area of boggy land. Manter derives from the verb 'to maintain'. The reason it was named both of these things as it is an area of boggy land that maintains itself. It has never stretched any further than the area it started in. Many presume this is either due to the change in soil from that point, or that it is through magical mishaps or prevention.   The Mire of Manter is best known for the large variety of mushrooms that can be found there. It grows Madarch Clwyf in the Mire, the only place that it can be grown. Many druids and herbalists can be found in the Mire on a daily basis, searching for specific ingredients for healing or hindering.
Wetland / Swamp
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