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#44 - The Storm Before Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope found themselves magically transported outside of Purgatory where they met up with Emrys Ddraig Sy'n Ddu with none of them known who had sent them there. There was some suspicions passed around about why they had been given a time limit and discussion of what was going on in preparation for the war. Many settlements had been cleared out so people were safe around the border and information on both the magic users and the constructs were talked about. They also learnt that there was a Tenebrae somewhere within the Eskus Region. It was also agreed between them all that the reason the war hadn't started yet was because the armies were waiting for the Beacons.   As they were discussing the next phase, Invila received a message and explained to them that some people in The Mire of Manter needed their help and sounded pretty desperate. The group decided to go within the hour, said their goodbyes and used Invila's teleportation spell to get over there. When they arrived, they saw a refugee camp with four refugees from the Eskus Region. They told the group that something was chasing them and they didn't know what, but they could feel it, the despair. The group figured this was the Tenebrae.   As they were just about to rescue these refugees, four figures appeared out of fire and destroyed the refugees in seconds. The people were Rwen, Mordus, Francis Holliend and Bannon, all working somewhat together to cause havoc during the war. Freya Holliend immediately went hostile and and attacked her brother, starting a combat.   The combat was difficult, with Alfyn Weis taking the brunt of the damage and Harlin Wyllt becoming charmed by the succubus, Rwen, who he had dabbled with before with his girlfriend, Maura. Rwen was killed by Mordus and the whole combat shifted, with the Beacons of Hope managing to drag the flying cambion, Mordus, down to the ground before he was decimated. Freya took her brother out to barely being alive and Bannon was spared by a divine intervention from Alfyn's god, Tasdia, Goddess of Nature on his behalf.   As they were just regrouping, they spotted a familiar figure up ahead fighting an even more familiar monster. Zephie was back and so was a Tenebrae.
Report Date
16 Feb 2022
Primary Location


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