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Madarch Clwyf

Madarch Clwyf is a species of mushroom found in the Eskus Region in The Mire of Manter, a large area of marshland often uninhabited. The mushroom has no magical properties but does have a herbal effect that has been used for hallucinogenic poisons. There is no other place in Arrasgoth that these mushrooms can be found but they can be grown at home under extreme care.   The mushrooms are used often by the alchemists of Banshaw Edge and have been known to get into the hands of the thieves guild, Moon.

Basic Information


Madarch Clwyf are normally fluorescent in colour, ranging from green, blue and orange. They have round, bulbous heads and look like common mushrooms save for their bright colours. Their stalk is normally jet black though there are the rare occasions that they have pure white stalks. It is unclear what causes this.

Genetics and Reproduction

Madarch Clwyf produce from spores that come from inside their stem. They reproduce asexually and thrive in humid, wet conditions.

Growth Rate & Stages

Madarch Clwyf grow quickly and normally are fully mature within a month of growing. They have a life expectancy of one year but some can last much longer depending on the use of magic or ideal growing conditions. The longest known version lasted three years.

Ecology and Habitats

The optimal environment for Madarch Clwyf is within the marshland of The Mire of Manter. They like to grow in humid, wet conditions so it is not too difficult to replicate that.
1 year
Conservation Status
Not under protection.
Average Height
6 inches
Geographic Distribution

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