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Moon are a thieves guild that currently govern over and operate within Egomont after a hostile takeover by their first leader, actually named Moon in 1 UOK. They have pockets of their thieves across Arrasgoth but most stay around Egomont. A high percentage of the group are tabaxi but they have started to branch out to other races over the past decades. It takes many tests and runs for someone to become part of Moon, and once a person is part of the group, they do not leave until they die or are killed.


Moon has very little hierarchy that is nailed down. They have an official leader who takes on the title of Moon, dropping their previous name forever. They assign a second to take over if they die and to be their right hand person. Everyone else fits in at the same level but the amount of trust gained from Moon normally relates to getting better jobs and more freedom to choose the tasks you want to take.


Moon thieves believe in the importance of putting themselves first and everyone else second. They can be very selfish and often only help if there is something beneficial to them. The guild is mostly made of tabaxi so there is a lot of Skegring Sands influence in the city as that is predominantly where the tabaxi come from. They never steal from each other and have each other's backs within the guild, killing anyone that does that to another member. They all carry coins with Moon's symbol on and will exchange them with others if they are exchanging messages. Each coin is marked with theives' cant that notes who normally holds that coin as a way to trace it back.

Take What They Owe

Guild, Thieves
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Aug 30, 2022 21:59 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I really like the idea of the coins being marked with thieves' cant and being used to pass messages. Sounds like an interesting guild, though I don't think I'd want to be part of it.

Aug 31, 2022 19:21 by Nicole

I thought it would be a cool idea! Thank you :)