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Moon HQ

Moon HQ is the hideout main location for Moon, the tabaxi thieves' guild that runs Egomont. The inhabitants of Egomont are aware that it exists but are not fully aware of where the hideout is. Those that do know keep their mouths shut as it may be their heads on the plate if they're not too careful.

Purpose / Function

Moon HQ has one main purpose: to house the population of tabaxi that run in Moon's ranks and to give a base of operations for all the underhanded deeds they run in the city. It has plenty of space for hoarding goods that need cleaning up and shipping out, as well as a nice set up for all the tabaxis to sleep, whether that's in beds or in the rafters.


The building originally was a governmental building used for deciding important matters for the capital. Since the 'installation' of the thieves guild as the rulers of Egomont, the building was changed into two different types of function, but both working hand in hand with each other. The outer buildings have been turned into shops that serve as fronts for some of the thieves and also offer supplies to the town since the removal of the market to Purgatory. The inside buildings have become the home base for Moon.


The building was originally made out a mixture of stone and wood, hardy against the weather but also malleable enough to have an impact on the shaping of the building. Since the overtaking of the tabaxi thieves guild, the buildings have been adapted to be taller with more roof access. The overall vibe of the building has also become more run down and grungy to suit the aesthetics of the town of black market dealings.
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