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Bloodmane Manor

"I mean, the place was called 'Bloodmane' and it was overrun by a vampire. You're just asking for it at that point."
  Bloodmane Manor is an orphanage that is found in Egomont on the outskirts of the main bulk of the city. There are currently no residents in the orphanage due to the remaining orphans having been adopted. The orphanage was also abandoned due to the current civil war between the Kingdom of Carowen and the Kingdom of Cosmopolita.

Purpose / Function

Bloodmane Manor was built to house children from Egomont that had no family that could take them in. It was first owned and built by Quinn Glorybluff before passing to the matron who kept the deed locked in the office. The idea was to have the matron technically own the building and be in charge of the running of it. The children would then live there unless adopted.


The building was changed after the event of the #04 - Kids Bite Report where ownership fell into the hands of The Beacons of Hope. They took in the five remaining children and each were adopted by one of them. The building was then turned into a temporary base for the whole group to live in before they found more permanent homes. The building has remained empty since then.


Bloodmane Manor only has one major incident in its history that shaped it's future. The children of Bloodmane Manor were overrun by a vampire that was once their matron and her spawn, one of their own orphans. They were rescued by the Beacons of Hope and the vampires destroyed, but this led to the building changing it's purpose before becoming abandoned in the end. It is unclear if the building will be reinstated as an orphanage if the civil war is resolved.
30th Tomifin 0 UOK
Founding Date
40 BTU
Parent Location
Owning Organization
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