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#04 - Kids Bite Report

General Summary

The Beacons of Hope found themselves in the Red Dragon Tavern gambling and drinking, with Harlin Wyllt ending up with a Guiding Bolt to the chest from Freya Holliend.   The all explored more of Egomont itself, investigating the shops and learning a bit more about the capital city. They met a good amount of people in the town and were given a few quests. Jebediah was quested with delivering a box of 'not stolen goods' and Jeb, Emrys and Harlin were given a quest by Cassius Writingham to collect some items from members of his guild, The Jade Guard Engineers.   As they are busy exploring, a young girl known as Alice came to them for help. She told them that there was something going on in her orphanage and that she needs some help. The Beacons of Hope head to Bloodmane Manor to investigate what is going on and soon find out the matron and one of the children, Henry, had become vampires.   The Beacons of Hope managed to destroy the two vampires and save the five orphans that had been trapped inside. Jeb decided to take the deeds of the orphanage, get the town to pay for the upkeep and to hire someone to look after the children. All five decided to take the children under their wings; Alice, Brogan, Crey, Dela and Endi.
Report Date
29 Jul 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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