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Brogan Wyllt

"Rule number one, ladies first. Rule number two..."
  Brogan is one of the five orphans who were rescued and adopted by The Beacons of Hope after they killed a bunch of vampires in their orphanage, Bloodmane Manor. He is seen as the weakest of the group, mostly due to his slight nature and his overall kindness to others. He is gifted with both music and magic, having trained in both to figure out which he likes best. He learnt a lot of his skills from his adopted parents, Harlin Wyllt and Maura Roswall.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Brogan was born to a sickly mother and an absent father. He was two years old when his mother eventually succumb to her illness and he was delivered to Bloodmane Manor to take up residence. He was an optimistic child, hoping things would get better for him eventually and never gave up hope that he could find a light at the end of the tunnel. He was trapped in his room when Alice Ddraig Sy'n Ddu went to get the The Beacons of Hope to help them with the vampire problem.    After the events of the orphanage, the remaining orphans were taken on by the Beacons of Hope and each was adopted by a member in different ways. Brogan was immediately taken under the wing of Harlin when he had been rescued by him and in turn this led to him being taught by Harlin's partner, Maura. The two adopted him unofficially immediately and eventually adopted him legally during some downtime. All of his skills he has learnt from the two of them.
Current Location
Date of Birth
22nd of Hivamili
Year of Birth
10 BTU 1012 Years old
Parents (Adopting)
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