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The Arrasgothian ethnicity is the main ethnicity of Arrasgoth and is made up of lots of different races that inhabit the continent. They live all over the mainland and the islands, and if you are born within the borders of Arrasgoth, you are considered an Arrasgothian. There is no main cultural impact for Arrasgothians in a wider sense but many show great loyalty to their country and would be willing to fight for it, regardless of their own skills. This has become more prevalent since the start of the current civil war between the Kingdom of Carowen and the Kingdom of Cosmopolita, both Arrasgothian in ethnicity.


Major language groups and dialects

The main language of the Arrasgothian people is Common though each race has their own personal languages that they speak to each other. They use Common as it the easiest language to use that every race can normally understand and access. They believe speaking the same language is extremely important to building relationships and trade.

Culture and cultural heritage

The Arrasgothian culture is based largely around their work and about the followings and teachings of the Arrasgoth Pantheon. Most of the people in this ethnicity believe in the gods and will follow one, more or all of them to drive how they work.

Shared customary codes and values

The Arrasgothian people believe that a problem shared is a problem halved. They will help each other in the best way they can, and are happy to ask for help when they need it. They are predominantly a friendly people and are open to accepting strangers into their folds.

Common Etiquette rules

Like most of the common folk, Arrasgothians take pride on being kind, courteous and understanding of other people. Manners are greatly expected and given out freely, and offers of helping are granted often. It is expected for you to respect the elders of your family or community, but there is also the ideal that respect must be earned as well.

Common Dress code

The Arrasgothian people don't have a particular dress code other than "dress for the work that you do". There's no real blanket clothing, though a lot of them tend to wear neutral, plain colours to blend in with nature, farms or just because that is the colour that they like. Those with more magic dress more vibrantly and with more jewellery.

Art & Architecture

The Arrasgothian people are not so focused on art or architecture. A lot of the work that they do in those regards is focused on being useful and purposeful rather than for any other reason. There are settlements across the country with Arrasgothian people who do take pride in their architecture and the art they create but that is a rarity.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Perhaps the most common custom that the Arrasgothians observe that is different from other ethnicities is the Genesis of Eaud. It is the most popular celebration and celebrated anywhere that has an Arrasgothian population, regardless of species or settlement. The Arrasgothian people are often focused on their own traditions and festivals, making sure they follow them no matter what.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

The Arrasgothian people do not necessarily do a specific birth or baptismal rite when a child is born, but may take them to their nearby church to be pleassed by Govlous, God of Life. This depends entirely on the settlement and the views of the parents.

Coming of Age Rites

There is no specific coming of age rite within the Arrasgothian culture, but there is amongst different races and their own racial cultures.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Most Arrasgothian people will have a funeral of some kind within a church, unless there is a pre established reason not to, whether that's because the person is not impressed with all the gods, or they are a pirate that wishes to be buried at sea and so forth.


Beauty Ideals

Arrasgothians have no overall ideal in terms of beauty. Each person, each settlement, each region has their own views on what classifies as beautiful and what doesn't. The Arrasgothian people are more interested in seeing the beauty of life and the world around them, whether that is within a birth of a child or within the blossoming of a tree.

Gender Ideals

Gender has very little bearing upon the Arrasgothian people. They are aware of if you are female, male or something in between, but as long as you are pitching in to help, they show little interest in what you are. Some have views that a male should be in charge, some have views that a female should be in charge, depending on the settlement they are in.

Courtship Ideals

The Arrasgothian people hold the idea of marriage as the ultimate goal of a relationship. It is seen not only as an official, lawful declaration of being together, but also as a sign of a love that should last forever. They court one person normally until they either decide it is not for them or they marry them. Divorcing is extremely rare and mostly unheard of; Arrasgothians are in their relationships for life.

Relationship Ideals

Arrasgothians believe that a relationship is the strongest thing, whether that is through love, friendship or work. They hold the bonds they make with each other in extremely high regard at all times and it is the ties that keep them as one continent.
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