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#25 - Young At Heart Report

General Summary

The children of Bloodmane Manor, now adopted by The Beacons of Hope, found themselves having to rescue their brothers, sisters and parents from a situation that they had been put into. Each one was visited by Faraine Writingham, a time traveller who needed them to help rescue the Beacons of Hope from a prison they were currently trapped in.   The group were brought together, never having properly been on a mission before and having to go rescue the people that normally rescue them. They came to the place that Faraine had asked them to and found that there were cultists everywhere who were blocking the entrance.   The group fought their way into the dungeon and found that the training they had been doing had made things a lot easier. They made their way into the prison, fighting off guards and finding a way to rescue their family from inside the prison. When they rescued them, they found that there was someone important inside there, a dragonborn known as Sparkler, Champion of the ______  Fixing what they had done and finding a way out, time reversed itself and the Beacons of Hope found their way back to where they had just been. They destroyed the box before it could take them and vowed to find out who was messing with time and how.


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