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The Jade Guard Engineers

The Jade Guard Engineers are an artificers guild that is predominantly found in Banshaw Edge though they have members across Arrasgoth. They accept any members that they deem worthy of learning to be an engineer but only those that pass the Day of the Jade can be classed as an engineer worthy of Jade Engineering. They are most famously known as helping to bring Banshaw Edge into the technological future it is in now.


The head engineer is known as the 'First Tier Jade Guard Engineer' but who that is changes on a yearly basis depending on the outcome of the graduating class. The current head engineer was murdered in her workshop so they are working more as a collective than having one overarching leader to report to. However, once the Day of the Jade has been completed for this year, a new leader will be in place.


The Jade Guard Engineers pride themselves on being the best engineers in Arrasgoth so are always striving to improve, learn and build something even better than they last did. They believe any problem can be fixed with a little magic and a little engineering, so are constantly at work in Banshaw Edge, making it more mechanically sound. Those that do leave Banshaw Edge tend to work on making the town they are in better, or working on pet projects. Most Jade Guard Engineers are seen as eccentric, enthusiastic and a little bit mad.


The Jade Guard Engineers have been around as long as Banshaw Edge has. They were part of the founding of all the magic colleges that exist in Banshaw Edge and made their own headquarters in the city. They have had major impact on the city, by building most of the teleportation system, the barrier that protects the city from outside attackers, and the famous Ark of Sight that caused them to lose a good chunk of their members.

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