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Day of the Jade

The Day of the Jade is a celebration and competition participated in by the graduating class of the The Jade Guard Engineers to prove that they have the skills necessary to become a full-fledged member of the Jade Guard Engineers. The Day of the Jade does only last a few hours, depending on the battles that take place, but the build up to the even takes two weeks to prepare the constructs.


This celebration has taken place since the formation of the Jade Guard Engineers in Banshaw Edge and is a source of joy for all who are within the guards. It started with the founding members who wanted to show off what they could do. They each created a construct that had the ability to fight and withstand damage, as well as making sure they themselves could infuse the construct with their own magical and technological skills. The aim of the competition was to prove that they had superior skills and were worthy of having 'Jade Level' engineering. The winning construct would be heralded as the top engineering construct of that graduating class and the winning artificer would be commended as 'First Tier Jade Guard Engineer' which was only granted to one student per graduating class.


The graduating class is given two weeks to create a construct that could fight against another construct. They are not allowed to be taller than 30cm or wider than 1 metre, and must be engineered: i.e. they cannot be living, bought or created by any other person. They are allowed access to any Jade Guard workshops and items, but are not allowed to spend more than 50gp on their construct altogether.   At the end of the two weeks, the constructs are put into an arena in the centre of Banshaw Edge and, in pairs, the constructs are sent to fight each other with their engineer supporting them. Whichever construct is not destroyed stays on to the next round until there is only two constructs standing in the finale. The aim is to have the construct that cannot be beaten. This aims to show you are worthy of Jade Engineering.
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