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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a coming of age ceremony
A total of 449 entries

Coming of Age with the Temple of Three Gyds

Meiedoli Individuality, aka 'gender choosing', Ceremony

The Discovery Ceremony {WASC 2021}

Elven Coming of Age in the Holy Forest

Survival of the fittest: A Spartan warrior is born

The Elusive Spell of the Unstable Dream

Proving years of the Mazoni warrior clan of the Amazo mountains - Prompt # 18 a coming of age ceremony

Qncerixi - the Tabaxian Coming of Age

The Sixteenth Winter of the Morningstar

Tattoos that say you're an adult: Lamara's coming of age tradition

Catfolk Ceremony of the Chosen

The Knight Officers' Trial of Fire

Quetzalcoatlus Bonding Ceremony

Omrikahona: To come of Age in Yenma - By Skarlati

Initiation rituals in the Polytechnique military school

Coming of Age for Humans and the Verant Rite

Ceremony of Becoming a Citizen

Swynfaredian Otectum Parties

Whisper no more youngter ritual

The Rite of the Age of Enlightment

Coming of Age for the Northern Draconics

The time's markings - in progress