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The Hop-a-lot

The Hop-a-lot, Hobbalot, Finally-you're-an-adult-fest, and so on. This tradition does have many names, but usually the outsiders do know it by the name 'Hop-a-lot', which is rather describing name for a festival full of dance and joy.
When a young halfling becomes of age and is finally deemed to be a full-fledged member of the society, a huge party is arranged for their honor. It'll last for a couple of days and includes lot of drinking, dancing ( especially some polka-like dance, hence, hop-a-lot), eating and general merriment.


When a Halfling is deemed old enough, they put on their best clothes -often something borrowed from family, which is deemed a very important aspect. A hafling should carry some of their family with them, be it the scarf of their mother or the underpants of their great-great grandfather. Especially something, which belongs to those who cannot be with them in person; perhaps a loved family member recently passed or is out of town.
The Youngster in question needs to show couple of dance moves alone, first, while people cheer on and encourage them. If you mess up with the steps, it doesn't matter: it's said to bring good luck in the future, as life rarely is without any missteps. After the short introduction dance everyone can join in and the merriment begin. It's customary that people congratulate the youngster and the closest friends and family might bring some small gifts to them. The gifts are often something practical people think the hop-a-lot gal/pal might need on their path as an adult: for example a good knife, extra pair of shoes, a bread trough or a piglet.

Components and tools

The food preparation begins early. Everyone in the town happily take part in it and it is a proud communal event to make the best food to be served in the upcoming Hop-a-lot.


Everyone participates! People often come far and wide to take part of the Hop-a-lot because everyone is on a good mood and drinks are plenty.
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