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First Flight


Central to the Alapico culture within the Gorgewald, the First Flight is a coming-of-age ceremony focused on a flightless child becoming that of a full-flighted adult. Due to Alapico's shorter lifespan of only thirty years, most Alapico take their First Flight as early as two years of age. Once the individual is able to sustain flight for at least ten minutes, they are taken under the wing of an elder to be taught the ways of the world. Once this short training is complete, taking six months at most, the new full-flighted adult is sent out into the world.


The child is first brought to a high ledge, branch, or hill alongside any available adults. With plenty of cheering, chanting, and music the child is encouraged to jump first and think later with the belief that the wind is the only thing that controls your fate. Most children fail there first few attempts leading to superficial cuts and bruises. Once the child manages to fly for the first time the noise is expected to get loud enough to banish their fears. If the child sustains flight for at least ten minutes they become a full-flighted adult.
Note to Self:
Have Michael review to insure that this was written inline with other Alapico lore. The age range is likely correct but I am unsure if elders are a thing in a society that lives only 30 years on average. Perhaps these are magic weilding elders?
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This article was created for Summer Camp 2021. This means it is likely incomplete and not to be taken as fully canon within the setting.

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