Sophont Type

Beastfolk are Sophonts created through the direct or indirect influence of one or more Godbeasts. Most adapt to some form of bipedal humanoid with distinct animalistic features. Because Godbeasts can form without direct worship of a Sophont, Beastfolk are often some of the oldest Sophonts and beasts found on their native realms.

Godbeast Investment

Godbeasts serve as paragons of their species, with a unique and intrinsic bond to the beast from which they ascend. Godbeasts can intentionally or unintentionally uplift beasts of kinship to sophonce through close proximity and the investment of faith into their bestial kin. Thus, over centuries a Beastfolk species arises from the natural ecosystem with a deep connection to their homeland and its elements.

General Information

Beastfolk of Ravare

Beastfolk of Caligus

Beastfolk of Putrus

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