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Realm of Flesh


Those residing in Putrus consider it a fetal realm bulging against its cosmic womb to burst forth and grow. It is a world neither dead nor alive, trapped in a state of rampant growth and putrefaction that has birthed a twisted native biosphere ripped from the very nightmares of other sophonts. Putrus grows like a cancerous mass in the Cosmos. Its sickening tendrils reach out to exploit their established connections to no fewer than a dozen realms.


Broken up into three small continents, Putrus has no proper oceans but instead has the great Wombwater -- a sea of embryonic fluid that feeds the growing continents of flesh. All life depends upon the Wombwater and the Wombwater depends upon death to maintain its nutrients. The dead things of Putrus are often thrown into the Wombwater to be slowly consumed.

Atmospheric Conditions

Breathing in the air of Putrus is as if you have been trapped in a coffin with two other people and are forced to breath in their stale, warm breath. The skies leak


Vetlik that feed upon feti. Lighting Demon People from a long destroyed realm. Flesh Wraiths that hunt the living to feed their ancient gods. Bestial Manfolk based on leeches, spiders, and hyenas. Plenty of Mutants. And then finally the Travelers, exoteric salesmen.


Plantlife on Putrus feed upoon the fleshy landscape for sustenance. This means all plants are carnivores, and it shows.


You have lots of notes on this Oner that will not fit in this draft.

Energy Sources

The Wombwater is literially swimming with Primal Life while Primal Decay eats at the core of every Fleshmound.


The sophonts of Putrus have mastered many forms of magic, strangely prefering to rely on Primal Storm above all else. With the power of electricity at their clawed fingertips, they have created entire cities that run without much work. These cities work as factories to process the living and dead, and trade.


Realm of Flesh


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