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Realm of Graves


Graveyard of Realms; the Churning Rot, Cimetus is a realm coated in decaying matter that has consumed both sea and land. Before the steady flow of corpses, Cimetus was a mound of earth floating across a dark, lifeless sea. As the piles of corpses grew, so did the population of fungi and scavengers. Eventually, this mound became a fully functioning biosphere built upon a foundation of corpses and grave soil. A macabre existence was created around the harvesting and feasting upon the endless corpses sent to this torturous Realm.


Before the corpses arrived, Cimetus was simply a mound of earth floating in a dark and empty sea. After they arrived, and did not stop arriving, the land was slowly taken over by rot and decay. Fungi were the first to take hold of the new land, then creatures to feed on the corpses and growths. Eventually this mound of dirt became a fully functioning ecoystem built up on a foundation of corpses.

Atmospheric Conditions

Only the stars far away light up both the day and the night. A miasmic fog now floats across the skies from the rot and bile.


Menfok graverobbers, cryptkeepers, and historians. Maggotkyne and Leechwyrms make their home in corpse dens. Elementals of Decay assist in the deeds done in the dark while the Earthen Keepers cry out for order and sanctuary.


Fungal rot, massive mushrooms, molds, and lichens flourish.


Parasites, scavenging beasts, rodents, bugs, and slimes all call this realm home.

Energy Sources

There is little evidence that this realm has any form of natural Glow, but with enough Magi corpses anything is possible.


Hearse-Wagons, Bone-Mills, and an entire industry built around necromancy. It is not unheard of for entire cities to be manned by mindless undead working for their Lich masters.


Realm of Graves


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