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Velamus (vel-a'muhs)

Realm of the Veil

Realmic Introduction

As land of gray and blue, bathed in the light of an unchanging moon, Velamus is a realm of deep sadness made home by the lost souls of the Cosmos. At the center of the realm sits the Veil, a great tower that collects souls so that their power may be scattered across the Cosmos, in a way, giving them a new life.
Those that call Velamus home understand the Veil as the giver of life but regard it with great fear, not understanding how or why the tower exists. Many are tasked with the curating of souls, giving them direction in a directionless world. And yet others have decided that their place in the realm is preying upon these very souls before they can reach their goal.


Much of Velamus lacks distinct colors, appearing almost grayscale with shades of faded blues. Most flora, and plenty of fauna, have adopted bright, destaturated blues that appear to glow against the dull background of the realm around them.

Atmospheric Conditions

The realm is bathed in constant moonlight with minimal weather. There is no sun in this realm, meaning there is no day or night cycle. Many creatures barely have even a concept of time.


Caretakers, Soul-Seers, and a variety of other Sophonts that care for, repair, and deal with souls. All of them are not quite living and not quite dead. Many of them have eyes that glow and give off colors unseen elsewhere within the realm.


Much of the flora gives off light brighter than the endless moon. Large, haunting forests of grayscale trees lit up by glowing berries. Massive open plains of waving grass that seems to claw at the sky. Even the shores of Velamus lack much color than shades of dull blues as the near-freezing waves gentle caress the black sands.


The spirits of fauna from other realms exist wandering Velamus, hopeful to find a niche in this new realm. As time passes the color from new spirits is drained and replaced with varying blues like the rest of the realm. That which is native to the realm are able to glow bright and often feed on lost souls.

Energy Sources

As souls arrive to Velamus, the realm itself slowly drains them of all Faith, Prime, and Glow to be redistributed to the entirity of the realm. With so many Souls having passed through, Velamus is almost pulsating with all three sources of power allowing the flora, fauna, and sophonts all to magic unseen on any other realm.


Little has been invented, discovered, or understood on Velamus. As a realm of wandering souls, most are just trying to survive. Magic is also barely understood and is more thought of as just a natural part of living within the Veil.


Realm of the Veil


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