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Stellaus (stel'aas)

Realm of Stars

Realmic Introduction

The birthplace of every sun within the Cosmos, Stellaus is an ancient realm watched over by great and venerable dragons. These mythic beings, far stronger than what most Realms would consider Divine, cultivate the young stellar bodies with unique technology and magic found no where else in the Cosmos.


A vast emptiness dotted with small planets, growing stars, and large, artificial domes. Each of the small planets, numbering near 30, hosts terrain stolen from other realms to experiment upon.

Atmospheric Conditions

Much of the realm is empty but some planets host small atmospheres, also stolen.


Massive, dragon-like sophonts that care for the growing stars. They are naturally divine, born from primal, and often claim several souls.


There is no longer any natural flora, what exists on the small planets was stolen.


Eldritch creatures stalk the vaccumous void of Stellaus hoping to prey upon newly birthed stars.

Energy Sources

The stars themselves supply immense amounts of Glow, Fire, and Light Prime.


The technology of the dragon-like sophonts is beyond that of anything that could be described by other realms. They have the ability to create, control, or alter entire ecosystems and have the knowledge of every realm. It is said that this technology relies both on science and magic.

Deep Lore from Discord

When the first, or "first know" rather, Cosmos collapsed few realms were able to maintain life in their stagnant and often frozen states. Of these few, Stellaus was home to thousands of dead stars (which may be massive elementals) all waiting to be reignited. Over massive periods of time, the method to awaken them was rediscovered. After that, the realm focused it's collective efforts of awakening these stars to spread across the cosmos - giving a second life to many of the realms we know today.


Realm of Stars


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