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Realm of Wildfires


Cursed to suffer through endless storms of flame and lightning, Cenpius is a realm of destruction tempered only by hope and innovation of the sophonts forced to survive though the chaos. Though a recent creation, cities are now being built with deployable shells to ward off both flame and lightning.
Strangly, death by the fire storms of Cenpius are never the end. Everything that dies to them are reborn from the ashes, their memories still fresh from burning alive. Cultures across the realm have different methods of coping with this trauma.


Four continents, each one suffering a variety of the Fire Storms. The fist having tornados of flame, the second having thunderstorms that ignite the continent in flame yearly, the third having a rotating wildfire that seems unstoppable, the last having explosive plants that burst into flame and zap everything.

Atmospheric Conditions

Stormy all the time. I am really running out of ideas on this concept.


Manfolk that have adapted to the constant cycle of death and rebirth. As long as you are able to be reborn through the wildfires, you can live functionally forever. Because of how hard it is to keep children alive (regardless of the wildfires) the population is fairly flat.


Highly combustable plants that spread their seed through ash.


Pheonix-like creatures, salamanders, a few dragons.

Energy Sources

Once primal flames burn away the living and the dead, Glow-Infused ash is left behind.


Though Cenpius has been stuck in a cycle of life and death, forcing the sophonts to survive without much progress, a new way has been found. A few masterful engineers have created deployable shells that can cover entire cities to protect them.


Realm of Wildfires


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