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Realm of Pyres


On the war-torn Realm of Larus, the fading embers of the burning damned fight back the encroaching hordes of darkness. Their delicate conflict was born of the rivalry between Titans and brought to the extreme by their zealous religions. Cruel empires fought for their glory, and fierce priesthoods amassed intent on conquering their God-Titan's enemies. Though their war has seemed endless, both sides sit poised to strike a fatal to their foe... if only provided the opportunity.


Larus is seperated into two large continents, the first being owned by the Pyrelord and the second being owned by the Night King. It is the will of the Pyrelord to burn all corpses and cleanse the cosmos of "corruption". The Night King fights back against this by dedicating his religion to snuffing out the burning pyres for good.

Atmospheric Conditions


Three Distinct Manfolk. Pyre, Night, and Sea. The Sea group control the large ocean between the two warring empires and are often considered theives and pirates. There may be some Beastfolk about. Both sides have Elementals that fight to the death.


Very few species outside that which is farmable exist on the Pyrelord's continent. However, the Night King has taken great care in developing horrible poisons through organic means such as berries, fungi, and roots. If it were not for the Seafolk, both group would have long starved.


Most fauna have been the casualty of the centuries long war. Only beasts of war and fish remain in high numbers. Hide has become a commodity.

Energy Sources

On Larus, Primal and Faith are nearly identical. Both the Pyrelord and the Night King are both Exarchs and Titans. This combination makes them immensily powerful, overwhelmingly so. Primal can only be earned for giving Faith to one of the Titans. Glow is rarely studied and actually banished in most settlements.


Both empires have mastered seperate types of technology, one being destructive and controlling in nature and the other being chaotic and stealthy. Think trebuchets versus plague bombs.


Realm of Pyres


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