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Realm of Steam


With civilizations powered by heat and steam and entire nations of Formedfolk, it is no doubt that Caelus is at the forefront of merging Science and Primal into a single artform. Even the Elementals of the Realm of Steam seemingly work towards advancing the sciences.


Caelus has four major continents seperated by a boiling ocean. Much of the realm is made up of rainforests, swamps, and flaming bogs.

Atmospheric Conditions

With a sea of boiling water, the atmosphere on Caelus is thick with moisture and hard to breathe for non-natives. The humidity is so high that creatures have even learned ways to navigate it like a fish would the sea.


Advanced Steamcraft Mechanoids. Transhumanist Manfolk. Steam-Ray Beastfolk. Steam Elements. A few reptilian species.


With high humidity floral life flourishes across the realm. Most plantlife is naturally resistant to the boiling temperatures and some even use it as a secondary source of energy when they have little access to sunlight.


Creatures native to Caelus have a high tolerance for heat. A majority of said creatures also have some form of flight or at least gliding. Reptiles are hte most common type.

Energy Sources

The strange water of Caelus, when heated, functions very similarly to Glow. This Glow-Steam allows for crazy, steampunk-esque creations that would not function outside of the Raelm.
Primal Water can be drained from the skies.
Primal Fire can be found deep under the ocean or in the fire bogs.


Flying ships, automated machinery, moving cities, and Steam-Powered Realmgates are but a few of the technological marvels of Caelus. Unfortantly, or fortunently, these technologies require the unique conditions of Caelus to function. This has not stopped other realms from using their schematics and ideas for their own means.


Realm of Steam


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