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Realm of Infernos


Red skies filled with four distant suns bake the cracked and bladed ground of Calorus, warning all Realmhopping fools to flee as soon as they peer in. Mountains, volcanos, and cliffs are the only company to the endless horizons one would see should they enter into this realm. Believed to be the home and throne of the Primordial Fire, it is only kept from bursting into a brilliant conflagration by the forces of Primal Air that tear at the boundaries to bring in other forms of elemental energy. When the Fire Elementals are not attempting to snuff out this interference, they seek to invade other Realms for something new to burn up.


The once beautiful seas of Calorus boiled and dried, as Fire conquered the realm and brought in new suns to the skies. This caused the lands to crumble until the only distinguishing separations of the expanses were bladed mountain ranges and flowing rivers of lava. The lone plateau known as the Aiery Hold is the last bastion of elemental energies beyond Fire.

Atmospheric Conditions

Calorus' skies are a wild torrent of windstorms and smoke clouds that can choke out the power of the suns. These conditions provide the Elementals the ability to fly, and the ability to reach unbelievable speeds. A constant smoke cloud over the Aiery Hold dampens the Primal Fire, allowing the bastion some protection. Rumors believe that when Fire was conquering the lands, it reached into the skies to ignite the moon into a brilliant new sun. As such, there has been no sight of the moon in Calorus' skies since The Eternal Flame left.


Crumbling ruins of a forgotten or destroyed civilization are the only reminders that this realm once held sophontic life. These sophonts were masters of all three forms of magic, but their works are left forgotten and charred to pieces. Any knowledge that could be salvaged from this realm would come at a steep, almost impossible cost.


Realm of Infernos


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Calorus Pyromancer


Calorus' inhospitable lands allow only the Elementals to thrive and populate the realm. The most common elementals found in Calorus are the Fire Elementals and the Air Elementals. However, continued conflicts have given birth to a frightening type of Elemental: one of Primal Smoke.

Fire Elementals

Wreathed in orange flames and molten rock, the Fire Elementals of Calorus are a powerful force lacking in leadership and direction. These elementals burn the skies and scorch the ground with reckless abandon, waiting for their chance to leave through a rift or portal. Summonings that call out for Fire Elementals often reach these beings first, as they eagerly await the chance to burn something other than their home. The worry of death does nothing to them. Their Primal essence will return to Calorus, allowing them another rebirth among their kind, or so they believe.

Air Elementals

As the winds grow strong and the dust accumulates, the Air Elementals of Calorus are given form and purpose in bringing the realm back to equilibrium. Though their kind is inherently chaotic, the instability of Calorus' primal energies has forced the Air Elementals into orderly action. Led by an elemental Titan known as Seeker Wind, they gather at the plateau known as Aiery Hold. It is there that Seeker Wind and their army of elementals fight to bring in new elemental essences to Calorus, in an attempt to dilute the Primal Fire's oppressiveness. While the outlook of this war looks bleak, the Air Elementals press on without the need for sophontic morale.

Smoke Elementals

As Primal Fire and Air clash in open combat, the formation of Primal Smoke reaches out to corrupt the opposing sides. The bodies of the corrupted Elementals become a thick smog, churning with the burning desire to consume and the pangs of emptiness. These Elementals hear the demands of the Eternal Flame and seek to further the plans of the mysterious entity. The most infamous Smoke Elemental of Calorus is known as Devouring Smoke. Originating as an Air Shard, they fought valiantly in the skies of Calorus until they were brought low by the Eternal Flame itself. Now, they fight as a dog would for their master, commanding swarms of Fire Elementals to push through any naturally formed rift or portal they find.

Energy Sources

As the Eternal Flame left the realm, it bestowed a final blessing of Fire upon all who would breathe the air of Calorus. This blessing unified the energies of Primal Fire and Glow, paving the way for strange phenomena. A pearlescent haze clings to the peripheral of one's vision, and the air carries a palpable excitement and volatility. Should a Weaver or Conduit find themselves in Calorus, they will experience intense changes to their spellwork. The healing arts would turn violent and deadly, while the summoning of exoteric beings to Calorus becomes impossible.

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