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The Arcane Arts

The air shimmered, warped, and gave a tremendous shudder as the Glow took hold of the world. With a mere thought and a flick of the wrist, the Spellweaver, whose hands began to radiate a haunting light, called forth emerald fire into the world. Luminous mist spilled from his lips as he opened his mouth and uttered a strange word in an archaic tongue, and the emerald flames leaped to his command and swallowed all that laid before him in a searing embrace. A marvelous sight equal parts beauty and horror as the fire consumed all that laid before him.
Excerpt from Observations of a Spellcaster by Elias Dods

The Magic of the Glow

The Glow is the collective term used to refer to all magics derived from manipulating the Cosmos' most fundamental forces. It is the magic of Spellweavers and Magi, known colloquially as Arcane magic by the common folk. Like a muscle, the Glow grows with time and strengthens with continued use; likewise, it will degrade and wither like the legs of a cripple if left unutilized. Its power is one of careful manipulation, weaving the echoes of creation to enforce an Arcanist's will upon the world. Like gods onto themselves, these powerful mortals can change the very world around them to suit their whims and wills at a tremendous and taxing cost. Unlike the nearly limitless fonts of power drawn upon by Chantors and Thaumaturgists, Spellweavers alone bear the burden of their magical exploits. Their magic will inevitably exact its toll on a Caster, whether it takes the form of physical exhaustion, mental incapacitation, or a drain on their very spirit.
It is the most recognizable of all forms of magic due to the striking and apparent mist that emanates from its users, a glowing fog that drifts through the air like ink through clear water. This pearlescent haze is the ever-present companion of a Spellweaver and gives this branch of magic its unique name. Glow manifests itself in all aspects of its magic, whether through arcane words or elaborate gestures used from the simplest spells to the most intricate Arcane Weaves. Even items infused or enchanted with the Glow continue to radiate a strange aura, wrapped in a shimmering, otherworldly sheen like oil on the sea. Yet the Glow is a fickle thing, and its effects fade far faster than any other form of magic, requiring dutiful care or skillful execution to enact enduring effects. All Magi know that the Glow requires constant reinforcement and an active force of will to bend and bind the infinite powers of the Cosmos continually. Though Weavers are capable of staggering feats of arcane prowess, they are still but mortals and lack the sheer, unimaginable power required to change that which binds the universe permanently. The Glow's potential is limited only by a Weaver's imagination, and when left unbridled, Arcane Magic has boundless possibilities.
Metaphysical, Arcane
Alternative Names
The Arcane Arts, Grand Wizardry, Arcane Magic, The Shimmering Weave, Arcane Wizardry
Caster Titles
Spellweavers, Weavers, Magi, Arcanists, Wizards


Weaving, also known as Arcane Spellcasting, is a subtle art requiring a keen intelligence, an open mind, and a will of hardened steel. The echoes of creation exist in all corners of the Cosmos and in countless forms, but all Spellweavers must learn to observe and interpret these echoes long before they learn to manipulate them. Like weaving a grand tapestry, Magi pull at the threads of the Cosmos and entwine them together, fueled by their intent and an iron will to enact their desires on the world around them. It is a feat of knowledge as much as it is a sheer force of unwavering determination and an ironclad belief in one's own ability to change the world.

Manifestations of Glow

Like Primal Magic, Glow occurs naturally in the world and is rooted in the fundamental laws that govern the Realms. It can manifest in many ways, from liquid rivers of arcane power to gaseous clouds of condensed Glow and even as infused supernatural plant-life. How Glow manifests in a given Realm is always unique and creates a distinctive culture among Arcanists in both their treatment and use of their magic. It is rare to find Spellcasters from different Realms holding to the same Arcane teachings or methods, but the underlying principles remain the same across all Realms in the Cosmos.

The Three Laws of Magic

Three overarching principles govern the Glow's use and potential, like all forms of magic in the Cosmos. They are easily summarized as the laws that govern the total cost, methods of casting, and inevitable limitations of all Arcane Magic.
The Law of Self-Cost
The first and most vital of the governing principles, this law is defined by the readily apparent side-effects that follow any use of Arcane Magic. Among Casters, Arcanists suffer the greatest individual cost of any magic users. They alone endure a terrible price as they bear the full weight of their magic's debilitating physical, mental, and spiritual costs upon their shoulders. The Glow can often be confused with Primal Magic at first glance, as it appears only to take its toll from the environment around it when in fact, Spellweavers bear much of their magical manifestation's costs.
The Law of Grounding
The second and most universal magical principle in the Cosmos that is shared by all forms of magic. This law is best defined by the mystical markings, archaic words, gestures, or other components used to manifest magic in the mortal world. It comes in countless forms, and many commonly believe that it is merely a tool used to solidify a Caster's intent and aid them in executing magic. Glow Spellweavers tend to lean towards the use of guiding gestures as their primary method of casting, paired with the use of simplistic words or phrases used to reinforce their intended effect.
The Law of Sterility
The third governing principle is the Glow's most significant limitation, defined by its inability to create its own life. Though the Glow is more than capable of reshaping and manipulating preexisting life, as seen with Blackstone Vestiges, it has only the capability to create poor facsimiles of pale sentience and twisted amalgamations of living flesh. While Golems, Homunculi, and other magically created creatures can only do what their creators or masters dictate. All of them lack the ability to solve problems independently or develop any significant individual personality.

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