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Realm of Metal


In the Cosmos, there lies a scorching Realm of Metal known as Allumus. Whose ecosystem relies entirely on its minerals, metallic ores, and subsisting heat. Even its oceans consist of molten rock and semi-solid metals in contrast to those commonly found in other Realms. Allumus is a paradise for thermophile life and promises great things for the Realm's future. If only they could escape the ease provided by their readily available magnetic manipulation of this Realm's abundant magical phenomenon.


The realm is broken up into two distinct continents that are separated by an ocean of molten metal. Each continent has adapted to surviving the realm in a unique way.


Western Continent
The creatures of Ud'Kaggan are able to survive off stones and metals, extracting their nutrients from their earthen meals with highly acidic stomachs. Most civilizations on the Western continents are built around places where minerals and ores can be easily extracted from the earth. However, these places are often guarded by beasts that seek to consume the same meal.


Eastern Continent
Where there is warmth, there is life. All creatures on An'Dudg have adapted to survive with little to not material sustenance. Instead, they gather up energy by resting in extreme temperatures. It is not uncommon for cities to be built on the edge of volcanos or settled over molten lakes. The downside to this adaptation is the inability to survive in regions without great heat.

Atmospheric Conditions

While oxygen is present in many of the caverns underground, supplied by the only form of "true plants" on the realm, most of the skies above ground are highly toxic and comprised of metallic air particles and volcanic smoke. Lacking a sun, this combo leaves areas outside of hotspots struggling for light and heat.


Allumus seems to be unable to support Godbeasts or Beastfolk.


Taking shape as large, rock-like golems the Kad'aggan rule over what remains civilized of Ud'Kaggan. Their ability to feed upon liquid metal and raw stone has allowed them to survive by constructing large quarry-farms. Massive circles are torn out of the earth large enough to feed entire cities. Then, within the hole civilization is able to thrive safe from outside threats. They are not very religious but hold a great respect for the earth that feeds and homes them.
Of all the sophont, the Kad'aggan are the most technologically advanced. Under their empire they have 4 other Sophonts.


Born from metal, the Danti survive through absorbing heat to use as energy. While Allumus may have oceans of molten metal, the Danti would be considered a semi-aquatic sophont. They are able to thrive both on land and under the molten waves. They believe that the Elementals that keep the seas molten and flowing are godlike creatures that gave them life and Sophonce.
This has lead to the creation of two Titans, Alorg (Earth Titan of Molten Steel) and Tassan (Fire Titan of Heat). These Titans work together alongside the Danti to bend their home continent An'Dudg to their well.


Some form of magnetic trees that grow "leaves" by pulling in flakes of metal. It then gathers Glow from the air to sustain itself. Lots of underground, mineral draining mushrooms that could be considered parasetic. No edible flora, especially stuff that is farmable.


The chasms support the most excentric forms of life, varying from fish-like creatures to oozes. Tons of Elementals roam the upper regions making it hard for anyone to live.

Energy Sources

Glow is latent in the air and is able to be gathered in through magnetic attraction. Magic users rely on large metalic poles to draw in Glow.
Primal Fire is gathered from the volcanic vents, wandering Fire Elementals on the Surface. The massive sun might also supply Glow AND Primal Fire.
Primal Earth is most abundant in the Chasms.


Due to many of the Sophonts ability to naturally bend metal to their will, Allumus is suprisingly technologically underdeveloped. They have no need for forging or any form of metalworking and instead rely on their Magi to run all complex construction.


Realm of Metal


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Primitive Adepts

The people of Allumus have a long and deep set connection with magic. The ease of their magic centered on metals and minerals has caused them to all but abandon traditional paths of technological progress. Though considered primitve by most Realm's standards they are well adapted to their lives in a land of metal and flame.

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