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Realm of Tombs


Tumulus is a frozen Realm that sits under a blanket of cold stars, silent and forgotten, at the Cosmos' edge. No warmth can reach this icy prison, and very little life has survived naturally. For centuries this realm has served as a prison for the most dangerous villains and convicts entombed from across dozens of Realms. These criminals become the eternal property of the enigmatic Warden, who maintains and oversees the cryonic vault of test subjects...


Potentially once a massive ocean, Tumulus is now just a great sheet of ice kept away from any warmth, light, or life. The Warden can grow these titanic sheets of ice at will to add another tomb for his varied prisoners. Being that some tombs are dug deep into the ice it is unknown how truly large Tumulus is.

Atmospheric Conditions

There is no air. There is no sun or moon. The only reason you can see is some of the stars shine brightly in the distance, even then it is pretty dark. Also no weather and stuff.


Only the Warden remains.


Cryptvines mark where people have been buried deep under the ice. This is only done to the worst offenders.


Frost-Tomb Elementals wander the realm insuring no one sneaks by.

Energy Sources

All Glow is held by the Warden. All Primal has been cleansed except for Ice which is held by the elementals and the Warden.




Realm of Tombs


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